The Digital River

Experimental innovation & learning


The world is digitalising. How do we solve social issues of which the solution is not yet clear? To which an incremental approach to innovation does not make ends meet?

The Digital River offers the opportunity to test innovative solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset. We do this short-cyclical and together with partners and users of the river. That’s how the Digital River offers Rijkswaterstaat and her partners the opportunity step into the digitalising world faster, more efficiently and more flexible.

Innovating with 3 connecting perspectives

Experimenting efficiently with upcoming digital techniques, new methods, and new forms of cooperation. Always focused on creating societal value.


The digital river starts with the innovation dilemma. That is connected to knowledge and resources in her ecosystem.

With every experiment, users and stakeholders are involved in the development of the innovation experiment from the start. That is how we make sure that the solution always meets the wants and needs of her user.

An experiment lasts approximately 4 months, and is continuously redirected towards her goal. Does the solution satisfy its needs? Then we look together how the innovation can be scaled up after finishing the experiment.


The Digital River digital river offers her partners an open and secure environment:

  • An innovative, problem-solving approach and methodology
  • An ecosystem with partners to solve for societal problems of the 21st century
  • The opportunity to test innovations on the property of Rijkswaterstaat

For whom?

For Rijkswaterstaat, businesses, entrepreneurs, societal organizations & citizens.

When you have a digital innovation you want to test on Rijkswaterstaats property.

When you are looking for a digital solution for your societal issue.

Want to innovate with us?

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